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Virtually Pain Free Needle Free Injection System Comfort-in™-Introducing Comfort-in allows you to offer needleless Pain-free injections to your patients.


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Feel the Difference with the Comfort-inTM

  • - Alleviates Dental Phobia Thousands of people all over the world suffer from some degree of needle phobia or anxiety. Our Needle Free Technology alleviates this fear with our unique needle-free injection technique.
  • - Reduces noise and pain. The common problem associated with jet injectors is that they make a loud noise that lingers after injection. The automated spring pressure of Comfort-in TM significantly reduces noise and resulting discomfort.
  • - Reduces treatment time. The jet injection by Comfort-inTM can shorten treatment time due to better dispersion of anesthetic medication.

How to use

  • Decrease in spontaneous and provoked pain in the treated areas - S.J Lee (34)
  • More comfortable, more effective - J.E Park (42)
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