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Virtually Pain Free Needle Free Injection System Comfort-in™-Introducing Comfort-in allows you to offer needleless Pain-free injections to your patients.


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The Comfort-in™ Injector Body

The injector is a reusable compact spring-actuated needle-free hypodermic injector consisting of the main body, injection button and front head of injector with scaling of the required dose/unit.

  • The Comfort-in™ Injector Body

Pressure Lever

The pressure lever is used to activate/wind the spring inside the injector prior to injection.

  • Pressure Lever

Pressure Box

The pressure box is used to activate the spring inside the injector prior to injection just like the pressure lever. It is designed for ease of use. User can load the injector just by inserting it into pressure box and closing the pressure box cover for activating the spring.

  • Pressure Box

Filling Adapters

The filling adapters allow the needle- free syringe/nozzle to be filled with the requisite liquid medication from the appropriate vial. The adapter along with its cap is available in individual sterile packs.

  • (1) Vial AdapterIt is for drawing insulin from vials or for use with vials having a crimp diameter of 14mm.
    • Vial Adapter
  • (2) Pen Adapter (For insulin) It is for use with insulin pen and insulin cartridge.
    • CT Adapter (For insulin)
  • (3) Cartridge Adapter (For dental)It is for use with dental practitioner and insulin cartridge.
    • CT Adapter (For dental)
  • (4) T AdapterIt is for use with any type of vial. It is recommended to use with?big sized vials having crimp diameter of 22mm.
    • T Adapter
  • (5) Luer AdapterIt is for use with all types of vial/glass ampoules. It is connected with needle of general syringe. (Under development)
    • Luer Adapter


The needle-free nozzle (syringe) is a single use, transparent body capable of holding 0.5 ml/50 units of any given subcutaneous liquid medication, a plunger to discharge the medication through a micro-orifice at the tip of the nozzle, and a rubber seal at the topmost tip of the plunger to prevent leakage and/or air bubbles while filling. The tip of the nozzle/syringe comes in direct contact with the user’s skin: it is therefore supplied in a sterile blister pack and intended for single use only.

  • Nozzle

Nozzle Cap

The nozzle cap for dental anesthesia helps with the positioning of the nozzle on the gums for accurate injection.

  • Nozzle cap
  • Nozzle cap(Type 1)
    Injecting Lidocaine on Anterior bite
  • Nozzle cap(Type 2)
    Injecting Lidocaine on posterior bite
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