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Virtually Pain Free Needle Free Injection System Comfort-in™-Introducing Comfort-in allows you to offer needleless Pain-free injections to your patients.


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Needle-free jet injections constitute an important method of drug delivery, especially for insulin. Many diabetics have been successfully treated with needle-free jet injectors, which are effective in enhancing compliance with therapy, particularly when multiple doses of insulin are required.

Clinical Evaluation

Clinical Evaluation

Comfort-inTM has been proven in this test of Diabetes Control and Complications Trial to more effectively reduce hyperglycemic peaks after meals than insulin pen without increase or sudden decrease in hyperglycemic episodes.

How to use

Clinical Research and Publications for Jet Injection

  • - Cross-matches for bioequivalence evaluation division using needle-free jet injector (Comfort-In) and conventional pen type syringe PDF File Download
  • - Improved pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile of rapid-acting insulin by using Needle-Free Jet Injection Technology PDF File Download
  • - Jet injection in gestational diabetesPDF File Download
  • - Needle-free jet injection of rapid-acting insulin improves early postprandial glucose control in patients with diabetesPDF File Download
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