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Virtually Pain Free Needle Free Injection System Comfort-in™-Introducing Comfort-in allows you to offer needleless Pain-free injections to your patients.



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  • question What is the Comfort-in TM?

    Comfort-inTM is a spring loaded injection system without needle for the subcutaneous administration of any liquid medication.

  • question What are the advantages of Comfort-inTM?

    The advantages of Comfort-inTM injection system are: - Needle Free - No pain…’virtually’ - Fast, Easy and Safe in effect - No Risk of Needle-stick Injuries - Eliminates Cross-contamination - Long Lifespan with Low Maintenance - Value for Money - Can inject up to 0.5ml/50 units of any given subcutaneous liquid medication - Global presence

  • question How does Comfort-inTM work?

    Comfort-inTM is a compact, spring-powered device that delivers up to 0.5ml/50units of any given subcutaneous liquid medication through a micro orifice (0.15mm) by means of a narrow, high-velocity jet injection, which penetrates the skin in less than one-third of a second.

  • question The injector button will not depress. What could be the cause?

    The injector button will work only if the spring of the injector is activated. To prepare the injection system for use, insert the plunger of the lever (provided in the Starter Kit) into the head of the injector. Push down the handle of the pressure lever until you hear a click sound. Then remove the injector from the lever.

  • question Can the nozzles (syringes) by used again?

    The nozzles are disposable and intended for one time use only.

  • question How many times can an adapter be used?

    The adapter too is disposable. It has to be discarded off along with the empty containment (vial/cartridge)

  • question How deep does the medication penetrate the skin?

    The depth of penetration depends on the volume of medication injected. According to our clinical studies, it ranges from 2.1mm to 6.1mm. The injection is strictly subcutaneous and disperses within in a cone like shape.

  • question Does residual medication remain on the skin after an injection?

    If injected as per instructions, this does not happen. Residual medication on the skin can occur if the Comfort-inTM is not placed firmly enough on the skin and not injected vertically. While doing the injection, make sure that the Comfort-inTM is placed firmly and vertically (at 90° angle) to the skin. Press the injector firmly on to the skin and see to it that the nozzle tip is completely enclosed by the skin and only then press the button. After the injection, keep the nozzle pressed against the skin for 2~5 seconds.
    Still if you experience problems, contact our representative

  • question Can hematoma or bruising occur?

    Bruising at the site of administration cannot be completely ruled out with any needle-free injection systems. This can also rarely occur in patients regularly taking anticoagulants for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases or Aspirin. Smaller bruising can appear at the beginning due to insufficient or excessive pressing of the Comfort-inTMonto the skin but this will disappear once the patient gets to know how to use the device.

  • question Does it bleed after every injection?

    Usually bleeding does not occur. But yes, like wise with any needle injections, Comfort-inTM might also cause some damage to the uppermost capillaries. In rare instances, this might cause a pin-sized drop of blood to appear at the needle free injection site. This is more likely to occur if the user has been taking medication to treat cardiovascular disease or aspirin.

  • question What is the minimum & maximum volume that can be injected every time with the Comfort-inTM?

    The minimum volume is 0.1ml and the maximum is 0.5ml

  • question What is the approximate life time of the Comfort-inTM?

    Comfort-inTM is designed to last for at least 7500-10,000 injections if used as per manufacturer’s recommendations and for home use

  • question Is the Comfort-inTM licensed by any International regulatory body?

    Yes, the Comfort-inTM is CE certified for the subcutaneous administration of insulin

  • question Does the Comfort-inTM carry any warranty?

    Yes, the device is guaranteed for a period of 1 year provided it is for personal use. For hospitals, nursing homes & clinics this guarantee is limited to 3 months

  • question Do I need to change the injection site every time?

    As with needle syringes, it is advisable that the injection site be rotated to avoid hematoma, bruising or lipodystrophy.

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Rm1208,?Centum dong-Ro 99 (Byuksan E-Centum Class, Jaesong-Dong),?Haeundae-Gu,?Busan, Rep. of Korea

Tel : +82-51-781-6040 Fax : +82-51-781-6081E-mail : sales@comfort-in.com

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