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Virtually Pain Free Needle Free Injection System Comfort-in™-Introducing Comfort-in allows you to offer needleless Pain-free injections to your patients.


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The Comfort-in™ system is a compact, spring-powered device that delivers up to 0.5 ml/50 units of any given subcutaneous liquid medication by means of a narrow, high-velocity jet injection, which penetrates the skin in less than one-third of a second. The injection is fast and safe and is ‘virtually’ painless.

Jet Injection 0.15mm

Needle Injection 0.39mm

Soft injection through micro orifice

Comfort-inTM delivers medication through a micro orifice (0.15 mm). Injections with Comfort-in preserve tissue and prevent lipodystrophy (lumps/small dents on the skin when injections are repeatedly performed at the same spot).

Fast absorption

While needle injections leave a pool of medication, Comfort-inTM injection is strictly subcutaneous. It disperses and spreads the medication uniformly in a spray like pattern, resulting in faster absorption.

Needel Injection[Needle Injection]

Jet Injection[Jet Injection]

Best spring pressure for medication dose

Best spring pressure for medication dose

The common problem associated with jet injectors is that they inject by using maximum pressure, regardless of the dose. This causes pain, especially in smaller doses. Comfort-inTM can control the spring pressure according to the medication dose. This modified spring power for medication doses guarantees a virtually painless injection every time.

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